Purple Mattress Coupon Code and Promo Codes

by Jeff Addison

Can you use a memory foam mattress without a bed frame? You definitely can and I would use our Purple mattress coupon code for further savings.

First, you need the proper support. A memory foam might be the best option if you’re going to set up your bed that way. It still might not be good enough.

Purple Mattress Coupon

Second, you want to keep your sleeping surface in good shape. The one I bought is one that doesn’t need a box spring. It’s a bed in a box. Additionally, it has a protector on the bottom that keeps it in good shape. I’m not sure that means it should be placed on the floor though. With that being said, purple mattress promo code is still avaliable to our readers.

I didn’t place mine on the floor. Paired with the mattress in a box was a premium frame you could buy separately for a little over $100. Now, I know money is tight and people are on a budget. Trust me, I am indeed in that position like everyone else. But let me ask you something.

Why would I buy a $400 product and place it on the floor when a nice modern bed frame was only a little over $100? I suppose there are reasons to do it, and you may be thinking about them. Perhaps you purchased a memory foam for sleepover guests, and you don’t have the space to have a frame set up continuously. You want to be able to stuff the product in a corner, having it serve as a better alternative than the airbed.

Well, that’s one way to look at it, but allow me to provide you with a little more information about the frame I purchased. It is in two pieces, and it locks together. There are wing nuts involved or the legs, but they can easily be loosened and/or tightened. Therefore, in just a couple of minutes, the frame could be stored along with the Purple mattress, without taking up a ton of space. Also, you can save by using the Purple promo code.

Both are going to take up more space than an airbed. If you are wanting to still skip the hassle of the frame for a memory foam product, I hear you. Keeping the sleeping surface on hand by itself might be the most ideal solution. In that case, I’m sure you could put it on the floor and it would serve well as a temporary solution.

What I’m not sure of, however, is whether or not you would want to set up a mattress like that as a permanent bed. That’s especially the case considering I’ve mentioned how you could skip the box frame and just buy a bed frame at a low price. You have to do what you have to do. Trust me, I know. But if you can afford the bed frame that I’m talking about, I would get that and use it for your memory foam cushion. It is going to make for a really nice bed to be sure.