Are You Involved In Professional SEO Services?

Are You Involved In Professional SEO Services?

Learn 5 Reasons You Should Use Content Management!

If you are serious about your work, you charge at price points that prove it. You don’t just offer packages for $50 and then call it a day. Savvy consumers know that outfits doing that are either not very effective or engaging in black hat SEO that can backfire hard on them down the road.

Even though they might look at you and other firms charging more, they have to be still convinced that they are going to get the most bang for your buck. While most SEO agencies are going to offer packages involving generating backlinks and running keyword-specific campaigns, you need to bring something more to the table to distinguish yourself from your competitors. Content management could be just the thing you need. Keep reading to learn five reasons why you stand to benefit from including this in your search engine optimization services packages that you offer clients:

1) Highlight your design services:

Any robust search engine optimization campaign is going to involve optimizing the very technical aspects of the website in question. Making sure the site is recognized and indexed by search engines is critical, but if you want to a premium service to add to contracts to make even more money, then highlighting your website design services through sample content. You can not only get customers to pay you for search engine optimization but also redesigning their websites too! New customers might not even have a website yet, giving you a chance to hook truly loyal business.

2) Demonstrate you can offer this service too:

Even if your demonstrations of content creation and management are not effective at adding website design and management to your revenue, you can at least show consumers that your business can create content for them. They might outsource that work to writers elsewhere, but you can show them how they can bundle with you and save. Alternatively, you can position yourself to be a cheaper source of writing and content creation than their in-house staff they currently have to pay taxes and benefits for.

3) Cozy up to Google:

When you can manage the content of your client websites, you can make sure that you optimize those sites for success with Google. As an SEO professional, you know that Google loves seeing content that is fresh and unique. You can use tools like Copyscape to make sure anything posted is not even close to other articles posted elsewhere on the Internet, and you can either come up with new content or spruce up older pieces to rejuvenate them in the eyes of the algorithm, which prioritizes newer pages over older ones. All of this naturally helps your client sites rank higher in Google, regardless of their backlink profile.

4) Create authoritative content for backlinks:

Speaking of backlinks, authoritative content can help you generate those pesky links. Google hunts down blog spam with a vengeance, but an article that readers find useful, informative, or entertaining is one they are likely to share. If other websites cite your client content as something authoritative, then you get a backlink and a bump up in page rank. If users share links to your content through social media, then you get a lot of useful backlinks and trust from Google.

5) Make article marketing a possibility:

Another way to generate backlinks from handling content creation and management is through article marketing. Coming up with various versions of each article and uploading them to the different directories around the Web is not as effective as it used to be, but it’s still a viable way to generate page rank authority and backlinks when done in conjunction with your other existing SEO techniques. It’s a small option to offer customers wanting to go the extra mile.

Now that you know the five primary benefits of offering content management and creation services to your client base, strongly consider adding this to your arsenal of options your professional SEO business provides.